Concentration area

Electrical and Electronic Systems

Electrical and Electronic Systems is an area of concentration idealized to encompass and guarantee the interconnection of a group of researchers with different specialties in the field of Electrical Engineering. Characterized by the development of applications and propositions of methodologies to solve problems in the scope of the three lines of research that should be part of PPGEE-UFSCar. These lines are: Digital Signal Processing, Photonics: Materials and Devices, and Smart Grids. The scope of the concentration area became necessary, since, mainly, the line of Digital Signal Processing interconnects with the other two lines. This interface is even more evident through scientific publications among the teachers that compose them. The only interface not yet signed in publications, but that is in progress, is between the lines of Photonics: Materials and Devices and Smart Grids. However, there are already collaborations in progress regarding the studies of optical properties, magneto-optical and electronic transport in III-N / Bi-V semiconductor nanostructures for high-efficiency photovoltaic systems applications.