The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering at UFSCar has as its objective the scientific and technological qualification of human resources with a broad area in the area of concentration of Electrical and Electronic Systems, aiming at the performance of these professionals in the teaching, research and technological development. Specifically, the program seeks the generation and transfer of knowledge based on new technologies and within its lines of research, namely: Photonics: Materials and Devices, Digital Signal Processing and Smart Grids.

Students of the program should develop the skills necessary for the development of relevant scientific research and the creation of innovative and efficient solutions within the specific research line, in synergy with the regional, industry and economic demands of the country. For this reason, the egress should have the following competencies:

  • Ability to understand and project original solutions to problems of scientific content;
  • Ability to use the new knowledge in practical applications of Electrical Engineering;
  • Competence to carry out Research and Development in Brazil and abroad, be inserted in the industrial area, research institutes and / or as entry in doctoral programs;
  • Ability to cover ethical, social, economic and environmental aspects in research and applications of Electrical Engineering;
  • Competence to interact with other research groups in Brazil and abroad in inter and multidisciplinary cooperation works.

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