Smart Grids

This line of research aims at conducting research on Electrical Power Systems, however specifically for Smart Grids. For this purpose, artificial intelligence techniques are available for analysis, planning and operation of electrical systems that include alternative sources of electrical energy. Therefore, the main focus of this line is biased by the Smart Grid and Microgrid concepts. In this line of research, the strong use of power electronics for energy processing and the activation and control of electrical machines stands out. The research conducted within the scope of this line aims to improve decision making for electric energy transmission and distribution concessionaires, power plant generators and also ensure better efficiency and reliability to electrical power systems. Moreover, residential, commercial and industrial consumers are included in this line due to research aimed at demand-side management, in which software for smart meters and data transmission from these meters to utilities are considered (research done jointly with the Digital Signal Processing line).

Sublines - Smart Grids – Planning, Analysis and Operation

The scope of this subline aims to study and solve problems in the planning, analysis and operation of electric power systems within the context of Smart Grids. The research conducted in this subline is based on the modeling, simulation and application of computational techniques for control, optimization and/or artificial intelligence for technical-operational decision-making concerning electrical energy. This subline also addresses consumer decision-making by studying and solving demand-side management challenges.

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Sublines - Power Electronics and Energy Processing

This line of research aims to study, analyze, model and control power converters and inverters applied to distributed generation of energy and microgrids. Among the topics to be explored are the integration of alternative energy sources through multilevel inverters; the study of new topologies of converters or inverters for distributed generation; modeling and control of three-phase inverters in microgrids.

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